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Travel Guide: Calle de Gran Vía in Madrid, Spain #travel

Calle de Gran Vía

Madrid, Spain

Map of Calle de Gran Vía

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Coronavirus in Madrid

As much as it pains us to say, now is not the best time to be boarding that plane, boat or train. More and more countries are going into COVID-19 lockdown and closing their borders, which is making it virtually impossible to travel anyway. You can track the current coronavirus right now.

Culture in Madrid

We've written a very extensive guide filled with insightfull comments and handy tips and tricks about all the aspects to traveling in Spain. We've summarized the most critical things below, but you can discover more information in our detailed guide to Spain.

Money in Madrid

Currencie(s): Euro

  • 1 Euro = 1.17 $
  • 1 Euro = 0.91 £

Tipping: Not generally considered mandatory. In bars and small restaurants, Spaniards sometimes leave as a tip the small change left on their plate after paying a bill.

Corruption: Spain has a corruption score of 42 out of 100.
If your itinerary runs through Spain, watch out for muggers and beware of corrupt police officers. According to Transparency International, Spain scores average on the list of corrupt nations around the world.

Spain is not concidered to be a dangerous country, with a Global Peace Index of 1.7 out of 4.
This report is the only one of its kind that measures how dangerous or safe a nation is based on 23 different indicators, including political terror, deaths from internal conflict, murder rate, and ease of access to small arms and light weapons.

Language in Madrid

Language(s): Spanish
Here are a few basic lines to get you started:
  • Yes = Si
  • No = No
  • Thank You = Gracias
  • Hello = Hola
  • Do you speak English? = ¿Habla Inglés?
  • Please = Por favor
  • Bye = Adiós
  • Excuse Me = Perdóneme
  • Where is the Bathroom? = ¿Dónde está el baño?
  • What is your Name? (My Name Is) = ¿Cuál es tu nombre? (Mi nombre es)

Food & Drinks in Madrid

National dish: Tortilla Española.

Tap Water: It's safe to drink tap water.

Drinking age: The minimum age for drinking in Madrid is 16.
WHO lists the drinking age as 16; other sources say that the minimum age varies by region, that it is 18, or that minors may purchase alcohol if accompanied by their parents.

Religion in Madrid

Spain contains a few regions that are considered as a religious. According to the Gallup Poll in 2009 research, only 49% of the population thinks religion is important in their daily life. More info about this study can be found here. The religous adherents are Roman Catholic 94%, other 6%. Read this article about the impact of religion on your travel plans.

Sex & Relationships in Madrid

Age of Consent: 16 years.

Same-sex marriage (also known as gay marriage) is legalized in Spain since 2005.

Spain scores a 9/10 on the 'Gay Travel Index'.

National Sports in Madrid

A lot of countries and cultures have an obsession with sports, almost reaching religious proportions. In this case, Bullfighting is Spain their national sport.

Other practical tips for Madrid

Timezone: UTC to UTC+01:00

Driving: Right-hand traffic.

Power adapters and converters: 230 V (50 Hz), Plug C / F

Weather: Currently scattered clouds, with a temperature between 17.8 and 19°C (64 and 66.2°F)

Pollution (PM2.5 fine dust particles): 9.7 µg/m3
PM2.5 Fine dust particulates can be carried deep into the lungs where they can cause inflammation and a worsening of the condition of people with heart and lung diseases. The smaller the particles the deeper they travel into the lungs, with more potential for harm. Note that the World Health Organisation's guideline value is 20 µg/m3. So you have nothing to worry about when travelling to Spain.

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