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Isle of Man

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Isle of Man Isle of Man

Population: 84.497 people
Region: Northern Europe (Search on Google maps)
Capital: Douglas
Country Code: IM

Money in Isle of Man

Currencie(s): British pound & Manx pound

Language in Isle of Man

Language(s): English & Manx

Food & Drinks in Isle of Man

Experiencing the local culture is a huge part of travelling and trying traditional food is largely connected with that cultural experience. Visitors to the UK always want to eat fish and chips, Vietnamese pho is the big pull for travellers in Vietnam, and here in Belgium it’s all about fries. Supporting the local community is a really important aspect of travel. So please make sure you taste the national dish: Skeddan Jiarg

Religion in Isle of Man

From beautiful cathedrals in Italy to majestic temples in India, the world is filled with holy places that are important to the religions of the world. Maybe you are not religious yourself, or maybe you are visiting places where people celebrate different religions. Learning to look without gawking, see without ogling can be the difference between being accepted as a visitor, and being resented as an intruder. That's why we've written an article about the impact of religion on your travel plans.

This article also mentions how tattoo's, some style of clothing and other religous simbols can be extremely taboo.

Sex & Relationships in Isle of Man

Same-sex marriage (also known as gay marriage) is not legalized in Isle of Man.

Other practical tips for Isle of Man

Timezone: UTC+00:00
TIP: Think about the time difference before planning your trip. Imagine you’re finally in Isle of Man – but all you want to do is sleep! Travelling into a different time zone can be a real burden. The only way to truly adjust in 24 hours or less is to prepare before you go, so check out our tips that outline how to quickly adjust to a new time zone.

Driving: Left-hand traffic.

WARNING: You might want to rent a car, but remember: this is a left-hand driving country. This might be the opposite side of the road than you’re used to, so it will require more concentration to keep from turning their car directly into oncoming traffic.

Remember: this country uses the metric system. Depending where you're from - distances, speed, and liquid quantities might be differend from the system you're used to. Find out how you should convert this unit system.

Power adapters and converters: 230 V (50 Hz), Plug C / G
When travelling to Isle of Man, electronic devices might be necessary to document the incredible sights or to stay in contact with friends and family members back home. Most electronics like Phones, laptop computers and hair tools do not come cheap, so it's incredibly important to make sure your device is compatible with this type of outlets - 230 V (50 Hz), Plug C / G. You can read our guide about travel adapters and converters to determine which types you need for your next trip!

Weather: Currently clear sky, with a temperature between 5 and 7°C (41 and 44.6°F)

Fly to Isle of Man

Planning a trip to Isle of Man? Here is a list of 1 medium-sized airports you can fly to.

List of cities in Isle of Man

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